Right Jacket Pocket b​/​w If And Or When

by Matt LeMay



released May 9, 2013

Written, performed, and mixed by Matt LeMay. Drums and loud guitars recorded by Phil Palazzolo at Seaside Lounge. Mastered by TW Walsh.


all rights reserved



Matt LeMay Portland, Oregon

Songs with words, guitars, and (usually) drums by former Get Him Eat Him singer/guitarist Matt LeMay. New music coming in 2019!

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Track Name: Right Jacket Pocket
I’m not sure where I should start - but hey
I’m holding on, and I thought that maybe we’d talk, okay?
If this were the part where parts are taped up on the wall,
If I read them all would you walk away?

Oh god, this is harder than hard, today
Just limping along with no art, no say
No idea why anyone tries anymore...

But it’s hard to stay the same
When you’re running out of things you wouldn’t change

Climbing up the wall
Like some spoiled child who still thinks you can have it all

So here I stand
With my hand in my right jacket pocket
I lost it before I began!
Affectation is an art
And you can’t play the part with your heart in your hand

So how do we hit our marks - and stay
With no way back
And no chance of keeping these thoughts at bay

A round of applause, a bow, a fade
The joke’s on me now
Do you get it?
Do you get it?

It’s hard to stay awake
When you’re losing ground with every step you take

Running out the door
One more worried mind, who can’t take his time any more
But I wanted more than trying to keep our heads up with our eyes on the floor

So here I stand
With my hand in my right jacket pocket
Fuck it!
Give up while you can!
Disaffection is an art
And you can’t break a heart when you’re hardly a man
Track Name: If And Or When
When will it end?
How long can we carry on?
The words still get stuck in your throat
You’re always about to...
But you’ll never let go.

When we look back, we won’t contest the facts
They’ll be left in the letters and photographs we kept to connect us when we were alone.

It’s certain lines of songs...
Certain nights you wonder who’s been taken along, if it all goes wrong

But what do you do when the night comes quicker?
You see what you want, and your eyes get bigger
You stay where you are
And say to yourself, “we lost it, when we said that we would see it through”
It was supposed to be true.

It’s true.

We’ve already on the line
You can’t be kind
And I couldn’t tell you the times that I told you “that’s fine,” I was trying to say “no.”

So we get lost
We can’t abide the cost
So bide your time and then cut your loss...
We never were just kids, you know
We learned that lesson long ago
When we thought that we could’ve been safe from the start
If we fall apart.

But what do you do when “apart” gets bigger?
You see what you want and your heart beats quicker
You stay where you are and say to yourself, “she’s gone.”

What do you do when your mind gets sicker?
You set her apart, and the lines get thicker
And all that you want is to hear her say, “Love, we forgot it.
But I thought you always knew:
it was supposed to be you.
It was you.

It’s you.”